The Park Path to Soulful Rejuvenation

We are so incredibly lucky. I would bet that no matter where you live within this great province of British Columbia that you can walk outside your door and find a lush little piece of heaven. Trees, rocks, logs, and ponds, blanketed in every shade of green, as each vies for your attention. 


Today, the kiddies had their own activities, so I was able to venture out on my own. Despite the rainfall warning, one of my darling gal pals asked if I'd still like to hit the park for a little exploration and soulful rejuvenation given the long Spring Break largely spent indoors. 

As it was yet another wet and dreary day we decided to seek out a spot that offered a canopy to provide us with additional protection from the blustery rain over the moody often enticing view that the shoreline parks would provide. We settled on Crescent Park at 129th Street and Crescent Road in Surrey. It's a relatively small park. In an hour or two, after weaving in, out and through the various paths you can leave satisfied that you've seen it all. Contrary to its small stature, Crescent Park offers all of the perks, and in some cases more, than its local rivals, like Campbell Valley, Redwoods Park, and Green Timbers. An abundant canopy kept us relatively dry as we explored its babbling brooks, pint-sized lake, a massively ancient uprooted tree that offered itself as additional shelter from the elements, a well appointed playground was central to the park as well as a welcoming wide open grass space enveloped in trees to provide shade in the heat of Summer. The restrooms were, thankfully, clean and easy to find. One additional great thing about Crescent Park is that given it's smaller stature, you never worry about getting lost. So if you do venture to Crescent Park, do not lose heart when you discover that there are no trail markers... in fact do the opposite, meander down any path that calls your name, and be certain that you will find your heart along it, out there, in the great beautiful outdoors. 

After consuming this park's natural pocket-sized wonder and assuring ourselves that our restless souls had been replenished, we decided it was time for some additional comfort. We found anything and everything else we needed to fill any remaining unoccupied soulful spaces within ourselves at Wooden Spoon in White Rock. It was almost upon arriving that this occurred. Open the door and let one waft of mouth-watering decadence wash over you. Yum. I had the Short Rib benny with my eggs poached soft. Every single ingredient on this menu item's description is meant to corrupt you and leave you peaceful at the same time (hmmm, perhaps it's name says more than I first recognized?). I mean house made kahlua jus and horseradish aioli?! The red pickled onions put this dish over the top and added just a titch of sweet and sour to a very savoury, thick, and unforgettable dish. It was equally refreshing to order coffee and receive a French press carafe all for me to enjoy at my leisure. Worried you won't be able to eat leisurely? You can, even if you bring the kids. A well-appointed play room complete with a wall-sized chalkboard means you can have your benny and eat it too.

Wishing you lots of soulful rejuvenation. Seek out Blissful Ruckus. xo