Sum of These Things...

It's easy to get blind-sided by negative spaces these days. There are so many crazy events taking place in the world around us and it's near impossible to ignore all the feeds that are constantly inundating us with pretty constantly depressing news. While I do feel it's important to keep posted about the general world around us so that we can each keep doing our part in trying to make it better, I also feel it's important to rejuvenate our own spirit on a regular basis.

I'm the worst at meditating. I'm also pretty bad at taking time out for myself (but I'm working on it). Life is far too chaotic for time outs right now. So what can a busy stay-at-home mom, homemaker, wife, and business consultant do to de-stress? New ideas that I've been implementing (as New Year's resolutions - 5 weeks so far!) include:

  • (ok, don't laugh at this first one) at least one piece of deliciously juicy fruit in the morning. Hahaha!! It does sound ridiculous! Sheepishly though, I love it. I make sure that mango (or peach or nectarine...) is perfectly sliced and then savour my first few pieces... all. to. myself.  With two kids under 4 in the house, all you get are moments and this is a juicy one. 
  • I watch my kids more. Yeah, I watch 'em all the time, but I mean, I really watch them. I noticed again recently that my daughter's eyes are so incredibly emotional. They light up like fire when she's excited and they get very steady and willful when she becomes curious about something new. Plus their "conversations" couldn't be more precious. Yes, truly watching them makes me remember that ALL OF THIS is amazing.
  • I've started planning adventures again. Some for the family, some for my husband and I, and some that will be just for me. There are adventures within every neighbourhood, we just have to get out there and take advantage. The last couple of years I've been guilty of avoiding adventure due to a fear of missing a nap. While we are still napping, it's time to also have some fun.
  • Breathing in fresh air more often. The park, the beach, a walk, playing in the snow, heading to the Farm, etc. While this was a degree more difficult over the past week due to our late, great #snowmageddon, I still went to the mailbox, took out the recycling (or a portion thereof - hey those bags are heavy!), or took a few crisp deep breaths from the balcony when all else failed. 

and finally

  • I've placed "appreciation triggers" around my house. I finally framed a few more favourite photos of our family, I put a postcard from our trip to France on my bedroom mirror, I even stuck a funny sticker on my fridge to remind me, to trigger for myself, some deep appreciation. We all have our things, our baggage, our worries, our mountain. However, when I look at each of these items, it reminds me that I have them because I love all of these people, my home, my work, and this life, very much.

I am loving these miniature and manageable changes that I've incorporated into my daily life.  I now realize that it's not some of the things in my life that make me happy, it's the sum of all these things. 

How do you stay positive given all the negative news right now? What tips can you share to keep positive and motivated? Every little bit helps.

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