Valued, Valuable Time. We spent it ALL at Morgan's.

Valued, Valuable Time. We spent it ALL at Morgan's.

All time is valuable. We love and cherish each moment of time spent with our kids and just like all parents, it's an incredible feeling to watch these little people sprout into beautiful individuals. Still, right now, because our kids are so little the most valued time, is the time spent away from our kids. 

Let me explain, it's not that I like being away from them more than I like being with them. It's that there is soo little time away from them. Even less time is spent alone with my husband. So when we book into those few hours away each month, we make sure we're doing something grand. We're not Netflixing. What will it cost? Who cares. It's our 4-hr mini-vacation, we do what we want. I mean we ensure that re-mortgaging the house isn't in the cards but other than that #YOLO!

Things we have done or have yet to do; whale watching, paddle boarding, sabering, catamaran sailing, deep sea fishing, fine dining, golfing always golfing. 

Yesterday was one such perfect day. We hit the golf course for the first time this year. There are a few good courses in the South Surrey area but we knew our best bet would be Morgan Creek. Morgan Creek's course is always impeccably managed and maintained. There is very little muck even given our horrific and torrential Spring weather. Even the bunkers were drained, dry, and perfectly supple allowing a "good" golfer the opportunity for an easy out ;) . The other thing I love about Morgan Creek is that it's peaceful with killer views on almost every hole. 

I feel like Morgan Creek Golf Course tries impeccably and succeeds at ensuring that even golfers with high handicaps will enjoy their walk, despite Mark Twain.

"Golf is a good walk spoiled." - Mark Twain

After the round, we were blessed to find, we still had time before we needed to head home to relieve our sitter. So, we headed to the clubhouse for a casual dinner. However, that wasn't all that was on offer. 

The Morgan's Restaurant and Wine Bar menu has a variety of great casual post-game eats, like halibut and chips, a rueben, chicken wings, or pizza. They also offer some pretty elegant yet hearty mains. Perfect for a cool evening post-golf chill. I couldn't decide. Braised short rib, chicken gnocchi with Marsala and cream jus, how about curry braised BC sablefish with wild prawns or a salmon ciopino?

We started with their calamari. It was incredibly delightful. Served with a small green salad, and topped with acidulated onion, tomatoes and dried salty black olive bits, the perfectly battered calamari was salty, crispy, and tender. Not rubbery and not chewy. The tzatziki was light, refreshing and slightly acidic. A perfect start to an unexpected dinner. 

For mains, Jordan ordered halibut and chips and I decided on the chicken gnocchi. Both were delicious. His was battered lightly, with a crisp, flaky exterior. The Halibut was robust, juicy. The accompanying tartar was house-made, perfectly bright and creamy. 

My gnocchi was also an impressive dish. Soft, silky gnocchi bathed in wild mushrooms, leeks, peas, and double smoked bacon. Bite size pieces of free run chicken breast were abundant and well integrated with the Marsala and cream jus. Each bite offered a slightly varied and decadent flavour that I will not soon forget. 

South Surrey and White Rock have so many great and unique dining experiences, as such, I have to admit, I hadn't tried Morgan's for anything but brunch. I was surprised by the variety of menu offerings, but equally surprised at how well executed our entrees were. Morgan's elevated Jordan's halibut and chips and my gnocchi was an unexpected culinary treat. 

I encourage you to try Morgan's soon whether for golf and/or dinner. More importantly, I encourage you to explore new adventures, enjoy something decadent or treat yourselves to a little luxury. You absolutely deserve it, raising wee ones is hard, constant, work. Go, cause a stir together. Create blissful ruckus.