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Christmas Captured (mini-photo session)

Katheleen DixonComment
Christmas Captured (mini-photo session)

Lately, there has just been way too much going on. Mostly good, can't complain, certainly shouldn't.

...BUT is it just me or was it just September? BAM WOW, it's Christmas. 

I feel like the greatest time accelerant is the school-aged child. Once you are on the hamster wheel of childhood education, life moves quicker than a toddler on a chocolate chip cookie smash and dash. 


With that said, it is time to SLOW down and truly enjoy this holiday season. Alexa is helping. She wakes singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas," and drifts asleep wistfully carolling the ever-classic "Jingle Bells." Her little brother, while not quite as familiar with the various holiday traditions, has sorted out one particularly important piece: Santa = presents. All in all, a lot of holiday cheer. 

I found myself suddenly and desperately needing to capture all of it. So I sought out a holiday mini photo-package. While I had left it a little late, I was able to nab an appointment, one recent Sunday morning, with Ella Bella Photography.

Laura Webber works from a professional studio in her home. She was more wonderful to my children than I was (I mean can you just smile already?! lol) and really quick to get the shots naturally and amicably. She offered up some great props to distract and delight the children (though I also offered them morning chocolate if they would be agreeable).


Despite being booked for a mini-session, she provided five (5!) various backdrops. All varying degrees of winter wonderment. According to the booking details on the Ella Bella website, we had 45 minutes to make them all work, however, Laura managed to get us everything we wanted and more in about 30 minutes, which included an outfit change. If that isn't holiday magic, I don't know what is?! I could be wrong but I think most moms stress about time and amiability amongst the brood. This aspect in itself was worth far more than I paid. 


If you're looking to capture the magic of this holiday season, she still has a few spots available. This session was beyond affordable at $150 for a lifetime of framed captures that will warm my heart, forever. 


Wishing you every ounce of magic that this season has to offer. Be blissful, make a ruckus.